White Paper

2018 Edition







Creating your everyday cryptocurrency for your everyday person









By DeAngelo Singleton

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Since the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, there has been thousands of different digital currencies/cryptocurrencies created, which are also called “altcoins”. Despite the numerous digital assets on the market, none of them seem to solve three of the biggest problems we face in the cryptocurrency industry:

  • Easy entry into the crypto industry.
  • Direct purchasing power of the digital asset
  • An easy way to cash-out without the use of banks.


In an industry full of genius and technological advancements, we lack public practicality.  This is something we will solve at Easy Bitcoin Buddies LLC. We seek to create the world’s most flexible and liquid digital asset.



Easy Bitcoin Buddies LLC & Digital Assets (Structure Explained)

Easy Bitcoin Buddies LLC is a company that is focused on developing products and services that utilize cryptocurrencies and aids mainstream adoption. Our focus is on developing an ecosystem that:

  • Has an easy to understand entry barrier.
  • Gives you the ability to buy and sell items using our cryptocurrency.
  • Gives you the ability to cash out our currency without the use of banks.
  • Is decentralized.
  • Will grow in value over time.

We seek to accomplish these goals through the use of a eCommerce based social network site, a digital asset exchange center, a network of ATMs, and easy ways to earn our pubic digital asset.





Our two different digital assets

We currently have 2 different digital assets: Easy Buddy Coins (EBCs) and Easy Exchange Coins (EECs). EBCs are a limited digital asset that represents profit share rights of Easy Bitcoin Buddies LLC and all of its’ income streams. It is a dividend paying asset. EECs are a limited digital asset that will be distributed to the public. Unlike EBCs, EECs do not provide the owner with any profit share rights; however, it will be the asset used to buy and sell items, will be used on the exchanges, and will be used to withdraw money from ATMs.






Easy Exchange Coins (EECs) will be divided as follows:

  • 40% held by company for executive and strategic distribution.
  • 30% towards our Ambassador Program.
  • 20% towards sponsorships
  • 10% given away


Competitive Advantage

Very few digital assets have any real-world applications and depend heavily on speculation. Easy Bitcoin Buddies LLC focuses on projects that will give our holders visual results with real-world usability.


The eCommerce based social network site EasyBitcoinBuddies.com is a project that is already in development and has two patents pending, which will make it the only U.S. based site of its kind. The platform will give users the ability to buy and sell items using Easy Exchange Coins & Bitcoin. This project alone will give our digital asset more real-world utilization abilities than 95% of the other cryptocurrencies available.


We will further separate Easy Exchange Coins (EECs) from other digital assets by creating a highly self-sufficient ecosystem. Our ecosystem will include a decentralized exchange, allowing peer-to-peer trading, and a network of ATMs that will let you cash-out up to $500 a day from a EECs debit card. This process along with the ability to shop using EECs will help provide independence from banking institutions.



Ecosystem Independence Example





Our ability to scale is comparable to Bitcoin’s in its’ early stages, not simply because we have a cryptocurrency to offer, but because we will be providing a solution to solve the issue that Bitcoin originally setout to solve; independence from the banking institutions. Despite all of the advancements in blockchain technology and new digital assets being created, nobody has successfully kept the core values that made Bitcoin what it was in the first place.


The cryptocurrency community still values privacy and decentralization. Other digital assets have proven the ability to scale to a $1 billion+ market cap based on privacy alone. We are going to develop an ecosystem that takes things to the next logical level.


We will also have great scalability by structuring our functionality model in a way that welcomes and nurtures the “average person”. Bitcoin was supposed to be a decentralized digital asset, free from banks, and private. Today it is a semi-private coin, largely centralized in China, and needs bank cooperation to cash out. XRP is designed with banks and major companies in mind. Easy Exchange Coins will be the digital asset for the average person.



Easy Exchange Coins (EECs) will be hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. This will give people several options when receiving their EECs; including, mobile apps, online wallets, hardware wallets, and more. These options will make it easy for your average person to get started with EECs, and the digital asset industry.


Closing Statement

Easy Bitcoin Buddies LLC is developing an ecosystem with the average person in mind and will help solve the issues that Bitcoin was originally designed for.  We aren’t focused on creating the most advanced digital asset. We are focused on creating the most user friendly and liquid digital asset. That will be a key advantage.