DeAngelo Singleton at Google to discuss cryptocurrencies and blockchain

My Story

My name is DeAngelo Singleton, and I believe that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are the future. I have more than 13 years’ worth of experience as an entrepreneur + 3 years as a digital asset investor (investing in cryptocurrencies). Some of my earlier investments include Bitcoin, XRP, Litecoin, and Waves. I focus on the long-term and would be classified as a HODLer in the cryptocurrency community.


The first digital asset investment I made was into Bitcoin in 2015. At the time Bitcoin was selling for something close to $240 each. I started to encourage others to buy Bitcoin in early 2016 along with XRP and Litecoin. It became very clear, very fast, that most people didn’t know about the industry and really didn’t care about it. I was nothing more than an investor and entrepreneur at this time, so I let it be.

Throughout 2017, I was only interested in making investments into cryptocurrencies that had causes I thought was profitable. For me, it was just a way to make a lot of extra money. It wasn’t until early 2018 that I started to develop a passion for the industry as opposed to looking at it as a passive income source. The more I looked into the industry as an entrepreneur, the more I could see that things were going to change, and for many cryptocurrencies, it was going to get ugly over the long-term.


In Dec of 2017 and Jan of 2018, the cryptocurrency market took a massive hit. 2018 was the year that spectators thought the industry would cross the $1 Trillion mark. Many even believed that we’d cross $10 Trillion. More than half way into the year, and we were looking at a total market cap below $300M, and half of the cap belonged to Bitcoin. This observation put me on a path to see what exactly is missing in the cryptocurrency industry, and how it could be solved it in a way that will greatly benefit the people involved.


I started working on which is a social network site that will give users the ability to open their own stores on the site + buy and sell items using digital assets. While creating the demo site, I was invited to a Blockchain event at Google. During this event I had the opportunity network with several blockchain entrepreneurs and hear several different ideas. It was at Google where someone said, “It is important to remember that when you’re creating a crypto asset, you’re basically creating your own ecosystem.”


When I left Google, I realized that I was looking at things the wrong way. What the digital currency industry is missing is a digital asset with a strong economic system in place. A coin that can be used to buy and sell goods, can be traded on the exchanges, and can be easily cashed out without the use of banks. Putting such a system together won’t be easy, but it is what I’m setting out to develop.


Feel free to look into the company’s future projects and how we plan on making this ideal economic system a reality.


DeAngelo Singleton