Social eCommerce Project

We have 2 patents pending for a social network site that combines the power of eCommerce and digital assets (cryptocurrencies). An early stage demo site has already been developed.

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Digital Investor Empowerment Project

We will take advantage of the flexibility of "cryptocurrencies" to financially empower digital asset investors. If you're in the crypto industry, this is information you must read.

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Mainstream Adoption Project

The cryptocurrency industry is still very young, and few people understand it. Part of our strategy includes helping your "everyday person" learn about digital assets and assisting them in getting started in the industry.

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Our 2 token Ecosystem

Easy Bitcoin Buddies LLC has developed two types of digital assets. The first token we developed is called Easy Buddy Coins (EBCs). These coins are offered for a limited amount of time and provides the owners with profit share rights in proportion to the amount of coins they own to the 100 million max supply. We offer these coins to raise the capital needed for our projects, while giving early investors the opportunity to benefit from our overall growth.


The second token we developed is called Easy Exchange Coins (EECs). These are the coins that will be used to purchase products on our eCommerce based Social Network site, will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, will be used at ATMs, and will be used by the general public. There is also a max supply of 100 million for EECs. These coins will function as the gas that keeps the ecosystem running.


Our Ecosystem Project

The ecosystem we are developing is designed so that it will be easy for people new to the industry to get involved. As a supportive member of our ecosystem, you will be able to shop online with Easy Exchange Coins, trade the coins for other digital assets (like Bitcoin), and cashout up to $500 a day through one of the ATMs in our network.



Easy Buddy Coins and Easy Exchange Coins Whitepaper page

Access our Whitepaper

We developed an easy to understand whitepaper that will go over more information. Just click the button to your right to access our whitepaper download page.